6600 Series Connector Kit

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The 6600 series housing was designed from the ground up with electronics in mind. By allowing adequate room for electronic interfaces and by simplifying the PCB contour to a rectangular outline the 6600 series is easily utilized for many applications. By molding from highly durable PC plastic and utilizing integrated clips for fastening, the 6600 series is a very cost effective product. Molded inserts can also be used for decals or other customization for easy identification.

Internally the 2000 series is equipped with PCB standoffs and heat stakes that provide secure installation and protection of the electronics. The 6600 series has a cutout for a female Mini-USB connector, which is great for designs that only need occasional connection.

The 6600 series is a great alternative to the larger 2X00 housings where less internal area is needed.

Each connector kit contains:

OBDII Connector – Tin plated solder contacts
Generic OBDII Circuit Board
6600 Shell Halves (2)

Weight 0.036 kg


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6600 Series Connector Kit
$10.51 USD
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