8000 Series Connector Kit – Transparent Blue Housing

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Designed with wireless applications in mind, the 8000 series shell is small enough to be unobtrusive during its application yet still has ample room for electronics. Due to using clip style fasteners the PCB outline is simplified to a rectangle and assembly time is greatly reduced. These features, along with the PC material reduce item and design cost significantly which makes for a very cost effective product.

Internal heat stakes and PCB standoffs are molded to ensure secure PCB installation while two externally molded inserts allow the 8000 series to be customized and branded for quick identification.

The 8000 series has blank termination, or no openings which means it is best suited for standalone, wireless applications or designs where custom openings need to be milled.

Each connector kit contains:

OBDII Connector – Tin plated solder contacts
Generic OBDII Circuit Board
8000 Shell Halves (2)

Weight 0.032 kg


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8000 Series Connector Kit – Transparent Blue Housing
$9.38 USD
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