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Martin Siebert was born on May 3rd, 1962 in a small town just south of Amsterdam called Mijdrecht, Netherlands. He quickly turned into a bright-eyed boy, full of imagination and a passion for learning and experimentation. One such incident was when he was allowed to light a firecracker, dropping it into his teacher’s aquarium… then watching in growing horror as a small crack formed and grew till the glass broke, sending a wave of water across his and his classmates’ desks.In his early 20s, Martin immigrated with his family to Canada. It was here that he worked with his dad to build their first home in Delta, and it was here that he met Corrine Timmer at a local church’s youth gathering. It was love at first sight, and he chased after her until he was finally able to call her his on September 19th, 1987. In the following year, they welcomed their first little girl Audrey into the world. Soon afterwards, his graduation from Simon Fraser University (with a Bachelors in Physics) marked a new beginning for this young family as he was then accepted into Queens University (Kingston, Ontario) to complete his Masters in Physics. In the midst of his studies, Dad, Mom, and Audrey welcomed another daughter, Arianna, into their family.After his graduation, this family of four made their way back west, where after months of searching, Martin finally found a job in Calgary. It was here that they purchased their first house, and it was here that they made their life together. This included taking care of their two daughters amidst the chaos of renovating their house while frequently traveling the long road back to B.C. to visit with family.

1990 - 08 001 (1)

this is where the caption will goIn 1999, Martin quit his job to venture out and chase after his lifelong dream of establishing his own business. This business started small, and initially the work was performed in the family basement, solder fumes drifting out of the open windows. Before he knew it, small had grown much larger, and their small split-level home was crammed full of his inventions with cables dangling over the doors, and boxes piled up in all the bedrooms. It was evident that space was running out, and Martin knew his business needed to move for future growth. He also needed a separate phone line as occasionally one of his daughters would get a hold of business calls, telling his clients: “He’s in the shower”. This search quickly became a family affair, and many afternoons were spent driving around industrial parks, looking for the place to call “Sensolutions” (now AC3).

2002 - 02 (1)

this is where the caption will goThis searching eventually paid off, and in 2005 Martin moved the business into a small office located just off of the Springbank Airport. Of course, this move didn’t mean the family was free of helping out, especially as the amount of orders kept increasing. On top of this, Martin always had ideas to make his product line bigger and better. Many nights were still spent with a family-made assembly line in order to get a large shipment out.Because of this success, Martin quickly became a very busy man. As the head of the business, he shouldered the responsibility of developing specialty cables for companies such as Chrysler, Porsche, BMW, Subaru, VW, and of course, Volvo. The business expanded to having manufacturers in China, and another distributor in Germany.Early on in his career Martin began to suffer from extreme back pain. Over the years, Martin tried everything- acupuncture, chiropractors, every health food product available, and sometimes something would help, but he never completely recovered. His most recent bout started in 2009, and it took a turn for the worse when overnight his entire right leg became numb.

This numbness took a toll not only on his physical health, as he could no longer exercise for a period of time, but also on his mental health. Martin struggled over the coming years, as he often felt trapped inside a body that couldn’t always keep up with his brilliant mind. He was forced to give up his dream car, his Audi S8, as he could no longer drive standard. Although he was able to continue to drive himself in automatic vehicles, his inner race-car driver missed the freedom of shifting gears.

2002 - 04 (2)

this is where the caption will goIn June 2012, Martin and Corrine finally were able to buy their dream property in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The following year was filled with moving the business, as well as their personal belongings, over the Rocky Mountains. This extensive move gave Martin the perfect excuse to buy the largest car trailer ever, which resulted in the small hitch of it not being able to get it up his steep new driveway.

2013 - 01 (8) (1)

this is where the caption will goIn his most recent months here, Martin fell in love with his tractor, and it quickly became a common sight to see him zipping around the property on it. He could often be found pulling out logs from his “pond”, or knocking over his Father-in-law’s carefully stacked piles of wood. When he wasn’t getting stuck in the mud, he would be clearing scrub brush or chipping the remains of the last tree that he felled.

Continuing the long-lasting Calgary tradition, he was excited to resurrect the old family swimming pool, as swimming was one of his great loves. It was his ambition to be able to swim across Shuswap Lake, and while he was still in Calgary he took great joy in training with his group of swimming friends at the local pool.Throughout his life, Martin was a man full of love for his family, and compassion for those in need. He always looked out for the best interests of those around him. He was our inspiration, and we will miss him very much.

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